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PokerGodz Customized Card Guard

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Protect your hand with these fantastic poker card guards. 

Poker Card Guards are used to protect your hand from ending up in the muck when playing at a table with a dealer. Over time they have become a fantastic way to show your individuality and some believe they offer some extra luck when playing poker.

Clear Coat Application

Our manufacturer uses a quality methyl methacrylate liquid together with a polymerization catalyst to create a beautiful and strong, long lasting clear coat for every chip he makes.  This mixture is exact measured and mixed by hand in his workshop under careful supervision.  After visually inspecting the mixture, ensuring that it both liquid components are throughly mixed, the material is carefully poured on to each chip by hand.  It is at this point that time is not on his side because the mixture will quickly start to get gummy in just a few minutes.  Only an experienced artisan can strike that balance between quality workmanship and timesaving.  Applying the mixture as quickly but neatly as possible is extremely important.

If any mistakes happen during any part of this process, the entire chip is thrown away and he starts again from scratch.

Through his personal experience and practice of doing this for thousands of chips, he is able to apply just the right amount of the clear coat on to each chip and spread it evenly to the entire edge of each chip in as little time as possible.  He then begins the process of letting it sit for a few minutes, then coming back to each chip and inspect them for any bubbles or other imperfections.  This process is repeated over and over again until every chip has a flawless, perfectly clear coat with just the right amount of coating on each one.

Drying Time

Each chip will remain in a cool, low humidity room for up to 72 hours to allow the clear coat to completely set and harden.


After the clear coat has completely set, the surface will be slightly cloudy and sticky.  He uses a soft, cotton cloth to gently buff every chip.  This removes the surface film to reveal a beautiful clear coat that makes the color graphic underneath "pop out" from the chip, and also gives the chip it's attractive feel to the touch.


All chips are individually wrapped in a soft tissue

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